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Sunday May 28
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Wednesday May 1
Beta-Cuck Diagnosis

I thought you'd be used to having a small dick by now. But I had no idea a doctor would think that having such a small cock paired with being a weak bitch would be contagious! Good thing you have a wonderful female doctor who knows just the treatment. Chastity. Now I get a new necklace and your pathetic, small ding-dong is locked up safe. We can't have you infecting other men with your small-dick-energy. Ashley Edmonds is wearing a black teddy and silk robe. Her husband enters after coming home from the doctors office. He shows hr the chastity device that has been prescribed to him in order to prevent the infection of other males.
Beta-Cuck Diagnosis

Thursday May 2
Friday May 3
Bedtime Beating

On My way out of town again. At least its only for 3 days this time. Among the thousand other things I have to do before leaving on a trip I have to make sure My slaves have all been maintained and marked. It would only make sense that My marks last as long as Im gone. A painful reminder of who it is they live for and serve. I always rest best after beating some slave ass. Ashley Edmonds is wearing a t-shirt and panties. She bends her slave over the bed and beats his ass red.
Bedtime Beating

Saturday May 4
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Wednesday May 8
Slippery Shower

Sinn and I take a steamy shower together, rubbing and touching each other's soft skin. Ashley Edmonds and Sinn Sage are naked in a running shower. They soap each other up before making each other orgasm.
Slippery Shower

Thursday May 9
Friday May 10
Sexy CBT

Paying any attention at all to your dick makes it hard. Men's base instincts are so pre-historic. Even My torment and rope play makes you swell and bulge. Being this close to My ass and pussy makes you want to burst. Ashley Edmonds is wearing black fishnet pantyhose and a pink leopard print bra. She puts on pink gloves as she ties up the balls of her sub with rope before punishing them.
Sexy CBT

Saturday May 11
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Wednesday May 15
Cum Cow

Tell Me about how you dreem of taking dick. Confess your deepest secret of being an insatiable cock-slut. I fuck this slave hard but just because I'm tired doesn't mean he is finished. I take off My harness and put that cock right back where it belongs. When I say that I want My fuck toys to produce cum for Me I mean it. Stroking will continue until moral improves. Ashley Edmonds is wearing a black garter and stockings, gloves and a strap on with a clear 9 inch dick. Her slave is laid on his back grabbing his ankles, waiting for her, wearing cuffs, collar, and a leash.
Cum Cow

Thursday May 16
Friday May 17
Flogging Cherry

Sometimes I like to do things that you jump and whimper like a pussy. Ashley is wearing pink latex with black high heel boots. There is a sissy bound to a cross and gagged. Mistress floggs Her slave until She is satisfied.
Flogging Cherry

Saturday May 18
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Wednesday May 22
Boyfriend Domination

Coming 05/22/2024

A woman like Me deserves to be treated like a queen. Losers get humiliated and made to kiss the ring. Ashley Edmonds comes in wearing a black, silk dress, a black choker, and glasses. The epitome of MILF. Her boyfriend is sitting on the couch playing a dumb game. He ignores her efforts to seduce him. She takes his phone away and slaps him in the face. She makes him admit he is a loser. She makes him strip down and get on his knees. She make him kiss her ring and slaps him some more.
Boyfriend Domination

Thursday May 23
Friday May 24
Dillon Makes A Mess

Coming 05/24/2024

All of this teasing and this poor male's balls are swollen and red. No male can resist the delicate folds of My divine pussy. Once I take hold of your cock you know you're no longer in control. Ashley Edmonds is wearing a short black top, fishnets and heels. She spreads her legs and teases his lap while stroking his cock. Will she let him finish?
Dillon Makes A Mess

Saturday May 25
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Jah's Ball Smashing

Coming 05/29/2024

I can tell when someone isn't used to being handled. It's like a spice I use often. I love seeing My pretty rope wrapped around his back balls. Weak, bound and at My mercy. Ashley Edmonds is wearing pink panties, a yellow crop-top, and blue over-the-knee socks. Jah is nude and is hot-tied in front.
Jah's Ball Smashing

Thursday May 30
Friday May 31
Tickle Confession At The Mall

Coming 05/31/2024

Ashley works for a survey company in the mall. It's easy to lure tourists in to confess their deepest secrets with the promise of money. Sometimes though, in order to get the answers she needs, she employs some unconventional tactics. Ashley Edmonds is wearing a black leather skirt and boots, and a pink top. She leads in her subject, dressed in street clothes. He strips and to get the responses she needs, ties his hands together and tickles him until they are interrupted by a knock at the door.
Tickle Confession At The Mall

Saturday May 1