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Personal Appointments


Serving Me is a very special privilege. It requires the utmost trust, discretion, and submission. In order for Me to feel safe and to establish initial trust, I require a photo of you holding your driver's license next to your face with all information clearly visible. If you are a couple, all individuals need to provide a photo.


All appointments require a digital $100 deposit (applied to the total tribute) which will be expected once we have agreed on a date, before we discuss details. If you are booking a Bull, a $100 deposit is required for His time as well. Do not reach out unless you are prepared to send it via one of these options:
-Tip in the Shop/Tribute, billed as “Segpay”


Base rate for private time: $400.00 per person, per hour.

1.5 hours: $600.

2 hour date (dinner/event/show): $300.00

Bull base rate: $400.00 (may vary depending on who is available)

Out-call only. Couples welcome.

If you do not wish to comply with these rules, do not request an appointment.

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Below are reviews from submissives who have given themselves to Me, their heartfelt testimonials, and electrifying encounters that have left a lasting impression.

Gentlemen and maybe Ladies? Here is my review of Ashley Edmonds. I realize it’s a long one but it’s impossible to express sessions with Ashley in a few sentences. I strongly encourage everyone to keep on reading. For my first ever session with Ashley we decided to meet at the hotel lobby, which was crowded at this time of day, but I noticed her instantly because she was the most beautiful lady of them all. After arriving at my room we discussed likes/dislikes and established safe words (green, yellow, red.) Then she ordered me to the far side of the room, facing away, apply a chastity cage and go on my knees, allowing her time to get dressed for the session. Ashley also started playing soft songs on her phone which created a nice intimate mood. While still on my knees, she ordered me to turn around, and I will never forget my first look at her. I mentioned in my introduction that I would like for her to surprise me with her choice of outfits and session themes. Ashley presented herself wearing lipstick, black, sheer, seamed thigh highs, black spiked leather boots, a small black top, and a very short leather skirt, and no panties. I was totally stunned by her beauty and absolute perfect body. She continued wearing different outfits for every session. In another session, Ashley surprised me with a tan pantyhose, a very tight black latex dress, long latex gloves, and she put oil in my hands and ordered me to rub it all over her body, making the latex shiny. Absolute bliss applying the oil and admiring the finished look. In yet another session, she would wear a red latex dress and a black fishnet pantyhose with large netting which still allowed access to her beautiful body. At some point during our first session, I added “orange” as a safe word. To whoever reads my review, the meaning should be self-explanatory. From that point on, there was never a reason to use a safe word. Ashley could tell “orange” by my reactions and moans. During each session, if I pleased her enough, she would reward me with a special treat at the end of the session. I always made sure that it was also pleasurable for her. After all, it’s supposed to be fun and exciting for both of us. We had extended sessions every time because it’s much more enjoyable without rushing it. Ashley fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations. On top of that, she also provided services I hadn’t experienced before and I loved it. Thank you, Ashley, for an unforgettable time and experience with you. A funny story. By sheer coincidence and unbelievable odds, a situation developed. She texted me about a possible schedule change and, according to my motto (always tell the truth and you never have to remember what you said) I responded why the proposed time won’t work for me and confessed to her why not. After that she called me a “slut.” I knew I would be in for severe punishments at our next session, when she ordered me to explain in more detail about what I did (don’t ask.) Did I receive my deserved punishments? Yes. Did I also receive my reward? Yes, and it was as sweet as always. We had many funny moments during our sessions but this situation topped everything. It was just hilarious. I will never forget it and I have a feeling Ashley won’t either and will always remember me by it. I may not even be completely off the hook when I meet her again next year. Some advice for first-timers. Introduce yourself by using the provided form or send her a text message and explain your kinks/fetishes/desires. Be honest, and concise. Don’t write a novel. Specifics will be discussed at session time. Mention that it’s your first time and mention that you’d like a more playful session. Or strict? First write your introduction in the Notes or Pages app, on your phone, sleep on it and revise it again and again before pasting it into the message app and hitting send. You will be surprised how much you wished you should have said differently or things you left out but wanted her to know. One message, that’s it. Should she accept you, you will be very nervous but commit to it. Don’t blow it by canceling your session as she may refuses to ever seeing you again and you will regret it. Don’t worry. A mistress will sense your nervousness and will put you at ease. The following should be common courtesy. Remember she is a lady and deserves to be treated as such. If you are a visitor, meet her in the hotel lobby carry her suitcase. It contains outfits and toys to increase your experience with her. After the session, carry her suitcase to her car. No woman feels comfortable late at night and alone in a parking garage. Especially women as beautiful as she is. Be a gentleman and show her that chivalry is not dead.

Mistress Ashley is absolutely Amazing, Gorgeous and simply put Phenomenal. Mistress Ashley is more Beautiful in person than her Gorgeous pictures on line-You simply have to see it to believe it. Mistress Ashley is patient and always wanted to make sure I was understanding of what was going on during the session. As I followed her exact directions prior to visiting her. I was absolutely breathless as the door opened up and saw her up close in person. I then took off my shoes and proceeded to do as exactly as I was told. Before I realized it, I was on my knees in front of Mistress, listening to her explicit instructions of what was going to happen, as W/we went over the things I wanted to experience. As Mistress made sure my eyes were looking up into her Beautiful Mesmerizing eyes, her voice is like a Beautiful Sirens voice, very captivating, sultry and soft.

As W/we started to play, I found myself feeling i was experiencing a lifelong dream of submitting to such a Fantastic Woman. I found myself not being afraid of pushing my boundaries as Mistress went over safe words with me prior to playtime as to when to go further or when to stop. As Mistress pushed my boundaries she would always find a way to make sure I was comfortable and safe. As my two hours was up, Mistress was not one to end the session right then and there. W/we chatted for few moments and she wanted to make sure I was back in my normal headspace. She truly showed compassion and care for me, as I am sure she does for everyone. She has such a way with how she made me feel during our session that she does make you feel that you are truly Hers!!

Without a doubt I can say that I will never submit to another. It was truly an experience of my lifetime to have the time to submit to Mistress Ashley. I can not wait until I get another chance to submit myself to her.

I had the distinct privilege of serving the divine Mistress Ashley Edmonds again.  This is my second session w Mistress Ashley and I have resolved to serve Her every time that I visit Las Vegas.

Mistress met me at the door and I was greeted by a vision of beauty and power.  She was dressed in black latex, w a black corset and She literally took my breath away! Once in Her foyer, Mistress ordered me to kiss Her feet, strip, fold my clothes and crawl after Her to the dungeon.  Soon, I was kneeling, submissive and vulnerable,  at Her feet while while She reviewed Her rules and safe word (simple yellow/red system).  

My heart dropped in fear as I saw all of the toys that She had laid out in anticipation of O/our session: clamps, rope, paddles, a cane, sounds, electro shocker and an anal hook.  She must have seen the fear in my eyes as She laughed evilly and said, “slut, we are going to get to know one another tonight.  I am going to interrogate you.  Now, into the chair!” I was soon tied fast to a chair and feeling incredibly vulnerable.  My vulnerability increased when Mistress Ashley put a pillow case over my head.  I felt panic rising in my chest but I stayed focused on Mistress Ashley and soon the fun began.  I was caned, shocked with electricity and pinched, prodded and, when I thought could not take it any more, edged and teased.  It was scary, painful, sexual and amazing.

Mistress forced me to confess my fantasies as well as other humiliating sessions.  She delighted to humiliate and degrade me as I opened myself to Her.  I’ve never been interrogated before and I enjoyed this immensely. When She felt that She had learned what She wanted from me, I was released.  Mistress Ashley forced me to my knees for a sound pegging.  Soon She had me moaning like the slut She wants me to be.

At the end, Mistress Ashley took pity on me and allowed me to “play with little clitty and cum.”  I released on Her latex and was made to lick up every last drop.

Mistress Ashley is simply amazing!!

Mistress Ashley is an amazing woman and a Goddess in every sense of the word. If you have a chance to serve Mistress Ashley in person, you should not hesitate!

I reached out to Mistress Ashley prior to a trip to Vegas and went through standard screening. Made a deposit and agreed on a time. I couldn't wait to meet her!!

Mistress Ashley instructed me to lock myself in chastity when I arrived in Vegas and stay locked until I met her. This was difficult as I was there for a bachelor party and we were golfing with ParMate caddies. I had a gorgeous caddy sitting on my lap in my golf cart and was locked in chastity. I was so worked up by the time it was ready for our session that I would have obeyed absolutely anything Mistress Ashley wanted. 

When I arrived at the hotel she was staying I was completely blown away by how gorgeous she is in person. Even more beautiful and sexy than she looks in her pictures, which is hard to top! Mistress Ashley is smart, intimidating, irresistible, playful, and has an attitude that exudes confidence and control. She made me strip naked and kneel in front of her. She stood over me in her green lingerie and I felt like I was melted and couldn't mutter anything other than "yes Mistress." She sat down on a chair and made me crawl to her. She pushed my head into her lap, held me, and whispered in my ear that I was her bitch and I belonged to her. I have never felt so submissive and desperate than I did at that point. Mistress Ashley made me dress in sexy red lingerie and made me put her strap-on on to her. This was a humiliating touch as I was securing the cock onto her that was going to destroy me. She then sat back down and told me to sit on her lap. I had never taken a strap on like this before and was nervous. As I was trying to sit on her cock and struggled to get it in, she grabbed my hips and pulled me down hard onto her cock. I absolutely loved it. I felt like such a bitch! After making me ride her cock, she shoved me onto the bed and pushed my legs back. She shoved her strap on into me and absolutely pounded me. It felt so amazing, and I was in total submissive bliss.

If you're in Vegas or visiting, Mistress Ashley is an absolute must see!! She is a level up from any Mistress I've ever served!

Ryan, from Chicago

I want to take a moment to review the amazing session that I recently had with Mistress Ashley Edmonds and her bull Master Pierce. Scheduling with Mistress Ashley is straight forward.  Her screening process is direct and straightforward and I made a deposit for both Her and Her bull. Once through the screening process, Mistress Ashley was interested in my fantasy and what I hoped the session would accomplish.  She was easy to talk to and clearly very excited about O/our play. As you can tell from Her Tryst advertisement, She is not a traditional escort but She does provide an amazing PSE if you are into Femdom porn.

The session started with Mistress ordering me to strip and present myself to my betters.  Naked and humble before them, She made me watch them kiss and play with each other as She stroked his cock and his hands ran all over her amazing naked body. They set the tone by spanking me and then I was allowed to orally worship both of them. We played for what seemed a very long time (Mistress is not a clock watcher).  I was privileged to fluff them both and they fucked in many different positions.  At one point, I was allowed to lie under Mistress and lick Her pussy while Master fucked her. Later in the session, She fucked me with Her strap on while Master fucked her from behind.  Then She allowed me to mount Her strap on and ride Her like the slut that She made me.  All the while She teased me for being a sissy slut and Master watched or order me to suck his cock while I rode Hers. It was truly amazing and humiliating. Near the end of the session, She allowed me to jerk off and cum and then lick it up.  Once finished, She tested my submission by ordering to kneel and watch Master fuck Her until they both came.  At the end, he pulled out and came on Her ass and, without missing a beat, Mistress ordered me to clean her up. It was an intense, highly erotic and humiliating session. 

If You are a fan of Mistress Ashley's work on either SubbyHubby or Kink.com, hurry to session with Her!

I found Ashley Edmonds’ porn more than a decade ago.  Ashley’s MyWifeAshley and DommeNextDoor sites, as well as her shoots for Kink.com, LostBets, Corbin Fisher, and others really caught my eye and there was always something about her that spoke of not just her great looks and hot scenes, but an authenticity, playfulness, adventurousness, kindness, and an accepting approach that was at once high-quality porn-level smoking hot and yet seemed someone you might have coffee with or have a pleasant chat with in line at the grocery store. When Ashley dropped out of porn for a while, I missed her presence and wondered how she was doing; on her reemerging, I was excited and have been thrilled by her career 2.0, and it having the same delicious combination of being incredibly hot, but comfortably accessible.  I followed her twitter, and OnlyFans, and found her communication style to match the great qualities I had admired in her film work.  Randomly I noticed a post that she would be in Florida, and I asked if she was open to sessions while there.  Even though it represented a significant drive for me, it was over a holiday weekend and who doesn’t love a road-trip adventure, so we made plans. 

The interaction was fantastic.  I will mention a few of the details here, leave others between us or to your imagination, and tell you that overall, if you have found Ashley’s work even a fraction as compelling as I have and you have the opportunity to session with her, you should do it. Ashley’s communication before the session about expectations, scheduling, tribute, and preparations was great.  We communicated about common interests and what sorts of interaction might unfold.  She scheduled intentionally to be sure she would be rested, fresh, and fully present in the interaction.  When she entered the room her presence filled it and in person she exuded the same combination of fire-hot looks, person-next-door sweetness, and delicious mischief that comes through in her professional work.  Our interaction include some time with me locked up in a chastity cage, a bit of cbt, some degradation, and a good bit of stretching and probing my asshole.  Miss Ashley checked in repeatedly to make sure I was ok in the interactions and that I knew what my safe words were should I need to use them.  I think my expressiveness helped the interaction, and it was a great one.  She ended up with some bruises from her aggressive thrusting and I was worried she would be unhappy about this, but she said she said they came with the territory and meant it was a good session.  Yay! Miss Ashley is a very classy, sexy, authentic person, that I’m so glad I met and shared some magical time with. -John

Mistress Ashley is the most amazing Mistress I have ever had the good fortune to have had met and had a session with and I have known and served a few over my 30 plus years as a lifestyle submissive, hedonist and kinkster. Ms Ashley made me feel comfortable and safe with Her immediately upon our first initial discussion and She took the time to listen and completely understand what my needs and interests were. Also, Ms Ashley genuinely cares about the total experience and the well being of those She plays with and follows standard, well established safe and consensual policies within the kink lifestyle. Ms Ashley is extremely intelligent, fun, creative and in my opinion hilarious in Her observations and torments-she is strong and strict, but in the best way. 

Mistress Ashley also has a very beautiful play room/dungeon she designed herself that raises the play experience to a whole new level. Ms Ashley is the best there is and would recommend any sincere beginner or experienced kinkster to session with her if they want to have a great, safe kinky experience to remember forever. Joe. Houston, Texas


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